About Us

Özyıldız Vehicle Seat Ltd. is one of the leading companies in passenger seat industry based in Turkey. Since its establishment, for 40 years Ozyıldız operated with continuous development and has an eligible reputation with quality and reliability. Ozyıldız keeps its excitement to give its customers the best quality with comfort and esthetics.

Ozyıldız always aim for to give optimum satisfactory to customers. To achieve this aim we work hard with devotion from design stage to production process. Ozyıldız Ltd. added new production technologies to its manufacturing line and gathered the main European approvals from respectable independent intuitions to break local market boundaries and push its limits to keep its position in Passenger seat industry in the world market.

Our certificates according to European regulations are ECE R 14, ECE R 17, and ECE R 80 for M2/M3 type seats and also we have M1 R14 seat certificates with fix and folding system on our quality wall along with ISO 9001 quality management system.

With all experience and continuous development we are proud to say that we are exporting our seats to 3 continents to over 20 countries. In our established manufacturing facility, we give best competitive price with short lead time too meet our customer’s requirements.

Our R&D department is one of the most professional and experienced team in Turkey, who developed high quality, long lasting and elegant fashion products.

Ozyıldız desires to exist in the global market with high quality and best service and make extraordinary effort to remain respectful and reliable for its customers in long time relationship.